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Our Story

In the year 2008, the economy seems to be collapsing. Unemployment is sky rocketing. The government appears to be out of control. In my many years of restaurant management, I have never seen times as bad as these. So why even consider going into business? Those were some of the challenge’s to be considered and the great question that Tammy and I asked each other, Why do this?

We are now going on more than 10 years into this endeavor and still HE proves to be faithful. Praise Him. Still being grounded in our faith, we trust our Creator and Savior is bigger than any economy. If it is HIS will, this restaurant will continue to prosper. If not, HE has something greater for us to do. We just want to be good stewards of what we have been entrusted. Isaiah 12:2

Our core management and staff total many years of restaurant and hospitality service. We offer you chefs and cooks with training and experience in cuisines from all over the United States, Europe, the Middle and Far East. In our continuing commitment to bring you new experiences in culinary offerings, our kitchen staff keeps abreast of trends and new ideas constantly.

Our entire staff, upon completion of a thorough interview and hiring process, agrees with and desires to share our mission statement through the services they give you, our guest. We bring to you the benefits of a large corporate restaurant with the uniqueness of a local neighborhood establishment, by building relationships with you as an individual. The personal mission for the proprietors, managers and each employee of Johnny T’s Bistro will be: Give each of our guests Absolute Quality. That will include these aspects of the word.

Quality service by means of a clean, comfortable and well maintained restaurant. Neat, professional and friendly servers with an unyielding desire to give satisfaction to every guest while building long term relationships with them. Expedient delivery of ordered meals and refreshments.

Quality ingredients and products prepared in varieties of creative and traditional fashions. Departing guest will be satisfied with the standard we will set.

Quality value such as any guest shall feel good about their experience at Johnny T’s Bistro due to getting more than just a full meal at a fair price; but also enjoying the fun and fellowship of our entire staff and fellow patrons. And to know their concerns and desires will be heard and considered.